Sure Long Sleeve Shirts + Hoodies - Size M

SURE long sleeve shirts and hoodies Thailand in size M. In this category you will find an assortment of long sleeve shirts and hoodies with various motifs and colors. The manufacturer labeled them size M although the actual dimensions often differ from motif to motif and even color to color (of the same motif). So please always check / compare the dimensions (provided on every product page) with a fitting piece of your wardrobe!

The typical SURE wrinkle fabric (100% cotton) looks best when you just ball it up instead of orderly folding it. And don’t iron the shirts either. The wrinkles and slightly tattered appearance give these shirts the typical cool SURE shirts look.

The motifs are printed into the fabric by a  special serigraphy method and are barely palpable. The shirts are fit for washing machine and neither the prints nor the color of the fabric do wash out.

The shirts have a thin second layer sewn onto the neck’s and the sleeve’s edges to prevent fraying. At the same time they give the shirts a cool tattered appearance.

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