Sure T Shirt: Yin Yang Sun (green) size L


  • stretchable wrinkle fabric
  • thin and comfortable
  • 100% cotton
  • barely palpable screen print
  • wash resistant
  • original SURE brand Thailand

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Large T Shirt: Yin Yang Sun

Green Tee in size L

   Motif: Yin Yang Sun

Yin & Yang is a fundamental concept in Chinese philosophy and dates back to at least the 3rd century BCE. It’s the concept of duality and inseparability of contradictory opposites such as night and day, female and male, old and young, … Each part needs balance from its opposite part to achieve harmony. Increase by one means decrease by the other and both parts have in its core an element of the other.

Yin elements are: feminine, black, dark, north, water (transformation), passive, moon (weakness and the goddess Changxi), earth, cold, old, even numbers, valleys, poor, soft, and provides spirit to all things
Yang elements are: masculine, white, light, south, fire (creativity), active, sun (strength and the god Xihe), heaven, warm, young, odd numbers, mountains, rich, hard, and provides form to all things. On this T shirt Yin Yang symbols in different sizes building a sun –  great image on a green colored wrinkle T shirt in size L.

Large T shirt / Men Tee size L - Measurements

Measures (approx.):

A = 20,5 inch / 52 cm
B = 28,5 inch / 72 cm


   Please note:

Standard sizes like S, M, L, XL can vary quite a lot and do not necessarily conform with international standards.
All Sure shirts’ measurements might differ from model to model, motif to motif and even color to color (of the same motif).
We try our best to offer the dimensions for every single shirt as accurately as possible.
Please take your favorite shirt and lay it flat on the floor. Then check/compare the dimensions according to the picture and the given dimensions as shown in the image above.

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