Sure Women T Shirt: Buddha Face & Butterflies (light blue)


  • stretchable wrinkle fabric
  • thin and comfortable
  • 100% cotton
  • barely palpable screen print
  • wash resistant
  • original SURE brand Thailand

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Women T Shirt: Buddha Face & Butterflies

Light Blue Ladies Tee

   Motif: Buddha Face & Butterflies

The butterfly not only symbolizes reincarnation and beauty, although these are in fact characteristics often interpreted: Accept yourself, be calm, meditate (the cocoon) and evolve into something more beautiful. But there is an even deeper meaning as well. It has been observed that if a hatching butterfly gets help in its struggle to free itself off the cocoon, it will be weak and crippled. During the immense struggle to get through the restricting cocoon, fluid is pushed from the body into the wings, so that the butterfly can actually fly after it emerged. In our lives we need obstacles and struggles to gain strength and be fit to live a beautiful life. Beautiful image on a light blue colored women T shirt.

Women T Shirt Buddha Face & Butterflies - Measurements

Measures (approx.):

A = 14,5 inch / 37 cm
B = 24 inch / 61 cm



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All Sure shirts’ measurements might differ from model to model, motif to motif and even color to color (of the same motif).
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