Tiger – Salmon Red Women T Shirt / Tee


  • Salmon Red Women T Shirt
  • 100% cotton
  • stretchable wrinkle fabric
  • thin and comfortable
  • barely palpable screen print
  • wash resistant
  • original SURE brand Thailand

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Salmon Red Women T Shirt / Tee

   Motif: Tiger Head

Tigers (Panthera tigris) are, with a maximum body size of 3 x 1,20 meters and a max. weight of 300 kg, the biggest feline predators in the world. Its population once was spread widely across Asia, but now is reduced by over 90% to less than 4000 individuals. Their wild habitat range extends from jungles and forests in east India, Siberia (Russia), China and Sout-East-Asia. Tigers are graceful animals and respected and also worshiped in many countries, usually symbolizing strength, pride, fierceness and beauty.

   Women T Shirt:

Powerful “Tiger” image on a salmon red colored women T shirt.

Tiger - Salmon Red Women T Shirt / Tee - Measurements

Measures (approx.):

A = 14 inch / 36 cm
B = 25 inch / 64 cm



   Please note:

Standard sizes like S, M, L, XL can vary quite a lot and do not necessarily conform with international standards.
All Sure shirts’ measurements might differ from model to model, motif to motif and even color to color (of the same motif).
We try our best to offer the dimensions for every single shirt as accurately as possible.
Please take your favorite shirt and lay it flat on the floor. Then check/compare the dimensions according to the picture and the given dimensions as shown in the image above.

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