Sure Women Long Sleeve Hoody Shirt: Shiva The Auspicious One (light pink)


  • stretchable wrinkle fabric
  • thin and comfortable
  • 100% cotton
  • barely palpable screen print
  • wash resistant
  • original SURE brand Thailand

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Long Sleeve Hoody Shirt: Shiva The Auspicious One

Light Pink Ladies Long Sleeve Shirt

   Motif: Shiva The Auspicious One

Shiva is one of the principal deities, also called the god of opposites and as such embodying creation, new beginnings, preservation and destruction. Shiva is worshiped by some as an ascetic, by others as the god of pleasure. He also has the name “Mahadeva” which translates to “the deity of deities”. Beautiful Shiva illustration on a light pink colored long sleeve hoody wrinkle shirt.

Sure Women Long Sleeve Hoody Shirt - Measurements

Measures (approx.):

A = 15,5 inch / 40 cm
B = 24,5 inch / 63 cm


   Please note:

Sizes can vary quite a lot and do not necessarily conform with international standards.
All Sure shirts’ measurements might differ from model to model, motif to motif and even color to color (of the same motif).
We try our best to offer the dimensions for every single shirt as accurately as possible.
Please take your favorite long-sleeve shirt and lay it flat on the floor. Then check/compare the dimensions according to the picture and the given dimensions as shown in the image above.

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